About Us

Wild Wolf Survival was developed in the wake of Alone UK hitting the ‘telebox’ in 2023.

My name is Stephanie, and I am the founder of Ethical Living Group CIC (Formerly Sustainable Life CIC), which originated as a sustainable living skills education provider including foraging, willow weaving and other crafts. While Sustainable Life also delves into light bushcraft for inner city families and individuals we weren’t really predominantly bushcraft orientated. In 2023 my partner Alan Bale debuted on Channel 4’s extreme survival show ‘Alone UK’ and we started to look more seriously at teaching the Bushcraft and Survival side of things.
Thanks to our good friends over at Wellness Woodlands in Highley, we are able to launch a more serious survival venture: Wild Wolf Survival courses.

We are continuing to develop a range of quality bushcraft and foraging tools, experiences and courses to share with you all, with some of our favourite instructors we have worked with in the past including some new friends from the Alone UK TV show.

Our team consists of a selection of steady staff (myself and Alan) and a spattering of additional freelancers as and when needed or for custom collaborations and courses of epic proportions!

The Team

You may recognise some of our Course leaders from Alone UK Season 1 (Channel 4, 2023). They aren’t available for every course, but each course will have the Course Leaders listed so you can see who is on your course.

Our team are a group of freelance bushcraft and survival professionals who for one reason or another have crossed paths in life and have come together to create Wild Wolf Survival.

Alan, Stephanie and our Mascot Luna are all in the same family and have been teaching a range of skills for years already through Sustainable Life. However, they are now looking at teaching serious survival skills and techniques here at Wild Wolf Survival in Highley, Bridgenorth, Shropshire.

In the past, Sustainable Life have specialised in woodland conservation, community projects and teaching basic sustainability skills such as foraging, balms, soaps, basketry and outdoor cooking. However, Alan has always been keenly interested in more extreme skills and following his debut on Telly (Channel 4’s Alone UK 2023) they decided to launch the all new and more specialised Wild Wolf Survival with the help of the amazing team at Wellness Woodlands, Highly, Bridgenorth.

Joining them on this adventure is Bracken Van Ryssen from Bracken Outdoors who has been working closely with Sustainable Life for many years now as well as Pip Wright and Eva Outram who are also from Channel 4’s survival TV show Alone UK (2023).

You can read more about each Individual course leader here:

Alan Bale

Stephanie Bale

Bracken Van Ryssen

Pip Wright

Eva Outram

Our Links

The birthplace of our bushcraft and sustainability courses, originally started as a Voluntary organisation in 2016.

The generous host of our main courses in Highley, Bridgnorth. They offer camping and glamping too via their website (separate to our courses).