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Birmingham & Shropshire

With Course Leader Alan Bale

Alan from Alone UK Season 1

Wild Wolf Survival is about bushcraft and survival experiences and courses lead by Course Leader Alan Bale from Alone UK Season 1 (2023). Wild Wolf Survival has been created to handle all things survival, taking a look at real outdoors skills and experiences.

With a brand new venue in the Shropshire countryside of Highley, Bridgenorth – we have a range of in depth bushcraft and survival courses and skillsets to share with you.

“I think that when you are cold and wet and tired and hungry and don’t have a roof over your head and you’re very uncomfortable but then the next day or the day after you do have those things, that is a beautiful, spiritual experience that fills you with joy from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, and I love that feeling. And when you make your own fire and you make your own shelter and you catch your own food, and you sit there in your shack which is basically squalor, and you’re fed and you’re warm, those are good times.”


The Wild Wolf Team

We have a strong team of Experienced and Qualified teachers offering a variety of experiences and customisable courses to suit you.

Alan Bale

Course Leader

Alone UK S1 Contestant
20+ Years Bushcraft Experience
10+ Years Foraging Experience
Qualified and Experienced Arborist
Qualified FSL3

Stephanie Bale

Course Leader & Assistant

Founder of Sustainable Life & Wild Wolf Survival
10+ Years Foraging Experience
5+ Years Bushcraft Experience
Qualifications in Herbalism, Foraging and FSL3

Bracken Van Ryssen


Founder of Bracken Outdoors
9+ Years of Bushcraft Experience
Qualified in FSL3
Qualified in IOL Bushcraft Competency

Pip Wright

Course Leader

Alone UK S1 Contestant
Ex Army
Wild Swimming Instructor

Eva Outram


Alone UK S1 Contestant
Qualified Canoe & Paddle Instructor
1+ Years Bushcraft Experience

Luna Bhuna


Japanese Akita
1+ Years of Puppydom
30kg, White, Female
Course Guard Dog

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…